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Flair, 23

My Self Discovery session with Sisanda was extremely eye opening and refreshing. Very structured and professional from start to end. I felt very self-aware and was able to dig deep down and self reflect on parts of myself I hadn't really explored.


Mwamba, 27

Self love was an area I was unsure of how to approach. "How do I learn to love myself or what is self love" are questions I asked. Confusion met solution when my incredible life coach Sisanda, taught me how to. Through insightful sessions and practical methods like self affirmations, I've started falling in love with myself. Sisanda has helped me realise who I am by listening and addressing areas in my life I avoided or were unbeknownst to me so I can live my best life now and forever. I'm so grateful for her coaching because I've seen the gradual change in my thinking and perception of myself. Thank you.


Nomufaro, 21

I just finished the 12 week coaching programme with amazing Sisanda. It was a life-changing experience to be honest. I just saw myself grow in such a small space of time. I actually don't believe how effective it was. I did so many things that I didn't think I was going to do. Sisanda helped me to push myself out of my comfort zone. Before I was just setting at mediocre level and I knew I didn't belong there which is why I decided to try out the sessions. I was never one to speak about my emotions but now I really know how to express myself and manage my emotions. This is all haphazard but the conclusion is it was a refreshing journey. I found my identity and found my self-confidence and still working on it. I would recommend anyone to try it out.