Privacy Policy

Data We Collect:

Your name, last name, email address, phone number and/or Skype/Instagram username when you sign up for your free consultation as well as the reason you've stated you want the consultation for. 

Your name and last name when you donate to the R8 foundation via Paypal and/or your number and email address should you choose to disclose it upon donation.

Your name, last name and email address should you contact us via the 'contact us' form.

We also use Google Analytics to track how and when users use our website.

How We Use The Data We Collect:

It's simply used to know who our clients are by name and to contact you for the free consultation or coaching sessions.

When you donate and disclose your email or phone number, we will message you to acknowledge your donation and thank you for it. We will also email you pictures/videos/messages from the children in Zimbabwe benefiting from your donation. If you do not disclose your email address you can always check the website for updates or our social media for more regular updates.

Google analytics is simply used to see how we can continuously better our website to meet your needs as well as improve our marketing strategies.

Third Party Disclosure:

Your information is not shared with any third parties. 

Internal Security Procedures:

Any information you share via our website is strictly confidential and secure. All information is protected by Secure Socket Layers.

It's important to note that 100% security of any internet transmission is not guaranteed but that's why we only work with commercially approved sources in order to protect your data.

All authorised staff of Refined Eight are obligated to follow the security, confidentiality and privacy procedures as well as laws concerning these issues.

Your Rights:

You have the right to access any of the data you share with us via this website and you can see how we process it as well. Just email if you wish to do this. 

You also have the right to change any of your details or request it to be changed if it can only be done by Refined Eight staff.

Notification Of Changes:

We will regularly review our privacy policy and update as when needed. Lat updated 10/08/19

Please do contact us with any questions or concerns about your personal data. You can use the 'contact form' on this website or email