What are the prices?

Self Discovery Session - £50. A deposit of £25 is required.

12 Week Refinement Programme - £300. A deposit of £100 is required.

What is life coaching?
A process whereby a life coach helps someone to dig beneath the surface of their thoughts and beliefs and helps them understand internal obstacles to their success and wellbeing. The main objective is to empower you to be successful in your commitment to change your life for the better. 

What is a life coach?
I’m simply here to facilitate self-awareness, growth and transformation within you. To empower you, support you, but most importantly, to remind you that are God’s very own and very best. That no-matter who you’ve been, where you’ve been, whatever you’ve done, your past does not have to determine your future. You are beautiful. You are worthy. You are loved.

How's life coaching different to therapy/counselling?
While extremely similar with some blurred lines, therapists offer qualified treatment whereas life coaches offer emotional support and help their clients to identify and make correct choices.  Fundamentally, therapy is about healing, treating and releasing past pain whereas life coaching focuses on the future, helps you progress on your life path and discover your own calling.  For serious mental health issues, we advise seeking a therapist/counsellor.

Do you work with Christians only?

No. Anyone is welcome to work with us as long you're fine with Refined Eight being based on Godly principals